Sunday, November 21, 2021

Getting Started


Hello and welcome. After 2 days back to using the walker my knee gave out again so I'm back to rolling around my craft room. UGH!!

Well, I'm a little late but I finally got some Christmas cards made. I decided to use up some of the Christmas pp I've had for a long time. The poinsettias are from an online coloring page colored with Copic's. Sentiment was printed on the computer. For the card on the right I added some clip art snowflakes around the the sentiment. Scalloped trim is from the Silhouette. I made 2 of each design, so 4 isn't much of a start but it's a start. Time now to get back to creating. 

Thanks for stopping by, please come back soon. Comments are greatly appreciated. Have a great day and stay healthy & safe.

Take Care!


  1. Oh, no! Your knee! I take a couple weeks off from social media and look what I missed. Last I read you were having a good time with your sister. Poor Gerry. Feelin' for you! I've got two bum knees and one's been a bum since I was 15. I'm so sorry this is happening. You get that thing strong again and tell it who's the boss. Love you and glad you can still get to make beautiful cards :* πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’œπŸ—

  2. That isn't good news about your knee but it doesn't stop you from making lovely cards. These are great. Hope it gets better soon.

  3. Oh Man! So sorry to hear that! Pretty creations! Both are very Festive and Fun! Be well, my friend!

  4. You're off to a good start! These look great! Sorry to hear about your set-bak with your knee. Praying you feel better and are up and about soon.

  5. Sorry about that darned knee again, Gerry. Such fun patterned paper with the mittens. Great Christmas cards.