Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Survivor Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, hope you're sharing it with that special someone. Me, since it's hubby's poker night, my "special" someone will be my friend & neighbor. We'll be drinking wine and eating chocolate.....and there might be a few nasty remarks about husbands. LOL

This will be my last post for a while because I fell and broke my right wrist yesterday. If it had been the left one maybe I'd still be able to make a card or two....bummer!!! I see an orthopedic tomorrow to find out if I'll need surgery.

Todays card is a Valentine for my dear old sister who is a 10 year breast cancer survivor.  Hearts and ribbon were all cut on the Silhouette.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to be posting again in a few weeks. Comments are greatly appreciated. Have a great day.

Take Care!


  1. Oh no I am so sorry you have broken your right wrist. May you heal like *snap* (((hugs))) Congrats to your sister, isn't that marvelous. This is one beautiful and memorable card. Love the love (no pun intended) and the design of it. I will miss you, heal quickly!!! xoxo

  2. Oh my, Gerry! Hope you're okay & don't need surgery on that wrist. I'm so sorry you fell! Wonderful card for your sister. I'll miss your posts! (P.S. Yes, I got moved, finally. Took a week. Pneumonia seems to be gone, thank goodness! I'm exhausted, but okay. Please come & visit anytime you're up to it.)

  3. Oh no, you broke your wrist??? First of all, OUCH!!! And OUCH again because you can't make cards. How unfortunate it was your right. Here's hoping you are on the mend soon....keep us posted. Your card is beautiful, I'm sure your sis adored it. The soft colors are so pretty, and I love the pin ribbon die cut.