Monday, February 20, 2017

Square Birthday

Hello and welcome. OOPS, it looks like I lied in my last post....this will be the last one. I'm scheduled to have surgery on my right wrist Wednesday, the 22nd. The surgeon estimated about 10 weeks to recover.

Fortunately I had this card...for my brother-in-law...done before I broke my wrist. Label is Spellbinders Scalloped Square, photo corners are from a 1" square punch cut in half. I found the sentiment on Pinterest...inside just says OLD .

This is about all the left handed typing I can do for now.

Thanks for stopping by. Comments are greatly appreciated. I hope to be back in a couple of months. Have a great day.

Take Care!


  1. I was wondering how you made a card and typed a post! Good luck tomorrow, well wishes and a speedy recovery! Perfect masculine card! I had guessed the punch line LOL

  2. Somehow I knew what the inside was going to say, but I had to come here to find out for sure. It's a great card. Like Donna I was wondering how you got it made. Hope the surgery goes well and I hope you have a speedy recovery. I'll miss your posts.

  3. UGH!!! 10 weeks of recovery, that stinks!!! I hope all goes well, I think today is the day of surgery. I will be thinking about you. Your card is fabulous, I love the color and design. Well done, and well done on typing with your left hand. That would make me CRAZY!!!!!

  4. Good luck on your surgery, Gerry! I hope everything goes well and you are healed in less than 10 weeks! That's a very long time to go without stamping. Love your card! The sentiment is wonderful and I love the scalloped square.

  5. I haven't been keeping up with my friends very well lately. I hope all went well with your surgery and you have a quick recovery. You will really be in stamping withdrawal. lol Your card is lovely.