Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hello and welcome. Just a note to let you know what I haven't been posting for a couple weeks. My dear old sister was here for a very fun week. Two days after she left I spent 11 hours in the ER with lots of abdominal pain and found out there was excessive infection in the colon. It's been a tough week but I'm finally starting to feel better. Hopefully I'll get back to creating this weekend.

O.K., now on to todays card....made before my little mishap. 

One of our servers at our favorite restaurant dressed as an old lady for Halloween, and her boyfriend dressed as an old man. We loaned her a walker to complete her costume. She made a perfect "old" lady. She sometimes refers to 'older' costumers as "friggin' old people" so of course I just had to work  that in. We told her now we know what she thinks of us. lol  The images were found by Googling kids Halloween costumes. Balloons and numbers are from the Silhouette Cameo.

Thanks for stopping by, please come back soon. Comments are greatly appreciated. Have a great day.

Take Care!


  1. I aspire to be a friggin' old person! :) Hope you are feeling much better, scary stuff! Glad you had a wonderful visit with your sister too! FUN and fabulous card, she will adore this! xo~

  2. I got here! YAY! Love your card -- so cute and funny! Glad you're feeling better. How scary to be so sick! I'll be thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers.