Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Congrats to Bella


Hello and welcome. Hope you're having a good week, mine didn't start out too well. Monday morning I was having a very rapid heart beat, shortness of breathe and feeling faint, I was in A-fib. Once I got the IV medication in the ER I went back to normal rhythm pretty quick but they made me stay overnight. I got home late Tuesday afternoon and I'm feeling pretty good. Those of us living in Sun City call the ambulance the Sun City Taxi, this was my first ride in the Sun City Taxi and hope it's the last. All I could think about laying in the hospital was all the birthday cards I have to I best get busy.

Today I'm showing two cards I made for our granddaughter, we are giving her the first one and my sister is giving her the second one. Numbers, caps and graduate are from the Silhouette, border punch is MS, school logos were found on Google. Diploma is a small piece of paper rolled and tied with ribbon. Square is Spellbinders. Whew!! no more graduation cards this year.

Thanks for stopping by, please come back soon. Comments are greatly appreciated. Have a great day.

Take Care!


  1. So thankful you got the rest and help you needed (((hugs))) Your cards are fabulous, I am sure she will save them forever as they are truly wonderful keepsakes! Be well, my friend!!!

  2. Gerry, I am so glad to hear you are okay, please take good care of yourself! You are a die hard for card making! All you could think about was how many cards you needed to make! Well keep up the good cheer and thanks for letting us enjoy your beautiful creations! You make some awesomely beautiful and personalized graduation cards that anyone would love to get and cherish! Hugs and prayers to you my friend!!!

  3. So glad you are okay - A-fib is nothing to fool with, glad you called the ambulance and got attention right away!! You have really been crankin' out the grad cards, every one of them is awesome, and these are no exception. The recipient will love them both, they are keepsakes for sure!! Now stay WELL!!!!!!

  4. Yay! Another Graduation Card! I could look at these all day. You've done a remarkable job getting them all done, and such creative cards, too. You've gone out of your way to make them personal for each recipient. Awesome! I'm so glad you got help when you needed it and took the "taxi" to the hospital! It's good that you are feeling better and rested now, too. I'm glad you're OK!!!