Friday, November 14, 2014

Pilgrim Hats

Hello and welcome. I hope you're having a good day and staying warm. I'm all cozy in a sweater and knit pants while Hubby Dear is in shorts and t-shirt, guess who the wimpy one is in this family ;)
The cards today are for my 2 great-grandsons (5 & 9). As I was looking through all the cute Thanksgiving cut files on the Silhouette I said to myself 'self, why not make a card in the shape of a Pilgrim hat', my other self answered 'great idea'.... see, when I talk to myself I get all the right answers. lol  When I send cards to siblings I usually like to make them different, but in this case the only difference is the color...and the sentiments.
Because I didn't know how to cut the hat on the Silhouette so it would fold, I cut one to use as a template then hand cut on folded cardstock. 
Thanks for stopping by, please come back soon. Comments are greatly appreciated. Have a great day.
Take Care!


  1. Very cute, and love the sentiment. Your grandsons will love them!!!

  2. Cute idea Gerry! Your great grandsons will love them, (they may even try to put them on their heads)! LOL Great blog, I enjoyed reading it! Have a great weekend, and stay warm!

    1. Thanks Claudia. The 5 year old probably will try to put it on his head....then complain because Grams made it too small lol

  3. Oh these are awesome! Perfect for the upcoming Holiday! (I read on Face Book, so it MUST be true....that Christmas is only 40 days away!!!) Eek! lol

  4. These pilgrim hats are awesome! I'm sure the boy's will love them! Have a Blessed day!