Monday, November 17, 2014

New Kitchen

Hello and welcome. Hope you are staying warm.
I don't have a card to post today so I'm posting photos of my new kitchen. Hubby Dear has all but banned me from going in there because I drive my wheel chair like I used to drive a car. Actually he does have a point, I have hit and nicked almost every corner in the house and a few walls have been sort of scraped up. Oh, well, what else does he have to do besides clean up and fix up after me. lol

The appliances we replaced were all white. As you can see I'm NOT a photographer.

Thanks for stopping by, please come back soon. Have a great day.

Take Care!


  1. Your new kitchen is beautiful! It sure is nice to have stainless steel appliances except for the up keep. We did our whole kitchen 10 years ago already and it steel looks pretty good. Enjoy my dear! Have a Blessed day! XO

  2. Oooh so pretty! Love the Island.....I had stainless steel appliances put into our old house, but not here....there is an awesome cleaner by Weiman's, I highly recommend it! Hey if Hubby wants you to stay out of the kitchen, maybe that's not such a bad idea....right? Let him do all the cooking! lol Enjoy!

  3. This is lovely! We replaced our kitchen about 5 years ago. Oh my, what a mess that was. We did all of the work ourselves, but it turned out beautifully. I'm sure you will enjoy your new space. It really is beautiful!

  4. Ooh, it's GORGEOUS!!!! I'm so envious, my kitchen is so in need of an update. You are a lucky girl, my dear. Enjoy!!

  5. How pretty! I love new kitchens. Mine is tiny and old...don't like it a bit.