Monday, March 3, 2014

Special Birthday Cards

Hello and welcome my blog friends. Today I'm posting the beautiful birthday cards I received from my very talented  Stamp TV friends. I have made some wonderful friends on STV even though we have never met. Maybe some day I'll be lucky enough to meet them. I thank them all.
Angie Schmidt

Donna...with the best sense of humor in the world

Sharyn Polesel

Nancy Leppek

Sorry for the difference in color on Nancy's card. The first image is the true color....I scanned that one. The second, with the gate open I took a photo. Think I could use some lessons in photography??
Thanks for stopping by, please come back soon. Have a great week.
Take Care!


  1. Boy you sure got some gorgeous creations! It sure would be nice if one day we could all meet! Now I have this song on my mind "if I so you in haven would you remember me I would remember you" All the ladies at Stamp TV. are very talented and carrying! Glad you and your hubby had a good birthday! Have a Blessed evening Gerry! xo

  2. Lovely Gerry - every one of those creations is gorgeous. I have sent you one too - but unfortunately it didn't get in the mail in time for your birthday, so be looking for it when it comes. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you guys on Sunday - hope you did something really fun!!!

    1. We had a wonderful dinner at a steak house in one of our local hotel/casinos, then after dinner we played a little video poker....I started with $10 and cashed out $45----happy birthday to me.

  3. Ooooh 45 bucks will go far in the craft stores! ;) Such beautiful have such wonderful friends, as do I! <3 And it looks like I owe you a worries I am sure I will step on it sooner or later! lol xo~

    1. Oh, yes; I got beautiful cards from some wonderful friends. I didn't notice that one pearl was missing till you pointed it out, so, I added one. Now when you step on it you can add it to another card lol
      BTW..I won $25 today.....Hobby Lobby here I come.